About us


Established in 1993, the ACI JORDAN formaly known as (Jordan Forex Association) started out with maintained  aim of developing and promoting the foreign exchange environment in Jordan, while consolidating local, Arab and global cooperation in the field. In doing so, ACI JORDAN has continuously sought to raise the standards of the profession and simultaneously contribute to the establishment of a context for better business.




The ACI JORDAN is affiliated to ACI – The Financial Markets Association, the global umbrella body of national associations. The Paris-based body has more than 24,000 members worldwide in more than 81 countries. This makes ACI the largest international association in the wholesale financial markets. ACI – The Financial Markets Association was founded in France in 1955 following an agreement between foreign exchange dealers in Paris and London. ACI JORDAN seeks to add value to the industry and its members by promoting continuous education and social awareness.

Since its inception, ACI JORDAN
has worked with local and international experts to acquaint and familiarize members with new instruments of investment and foreign exchange. Meanwhile, training programs are consistently offered for the same purpose.

has broadened its scope to absorb capital market and equity dealers, in addition to money market traders, and this in compliance with measures taken by the Interarab Cambist Association (

the main priorities of the ACI JORDAN are to keep members informed of the changes in the financial industry and provide a forum for discussion in organized events on issues affecting the markets, the ACI JORDAN enhances educational value and working experience and knowledge by providing appropriate educational services to those with a legitimate interest in the financial markets.

ACI JORDAN also cultivate greater communication channels among members, markets, and other similar bodies so as to give members the opportunity to network through various events organized by the Association.